3D or not 3D -That is the question?

3D or not 3D -That is the question?

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More Style than Substance

We appear to be in a buying for buyings sake culture. The keeping ahead of the Jones has risen to a dizzy height. With 3D TV’s, marketers seem to have pulled off the latest con in persuading thousands of people that this is the new big thing, life altering even.

When I say new big thing, I’m not referring to having 3D TV, that has been around for quite a while. But the new big thing that the advertising guys can get their teeth into and market like mad. Of course technology has moved on dropping the price of your standard flat screen TV down to below the £10 per inch threshold so the next big money maker has to be 3D TV.

Conservative estimates say in the USA 3.4M TV sets will be sold this year. In the UK it has been estimated that 185,000 3D TV sets will be sold in the UK this year, with the number of sets rising to 7 million by 2015.

Shop Direct flagship online store Very has a Samsung 50in 3D Full HD 1080P Freeview HD Plasma TV plus a Samsung 3D Blue Ray player , 2 pair of glasses and a Monsters Vs Aliens 3D DVD for just under £1775.00 .

Now by anybodies reckoning that is a pile of money for something that for most of the time will be used as a standard HD TV.

Now when was the last time you bought a DVD you wanted to watch more than once and the choice of DVD’s is woefully small and at the moment mainly cartoons. While Monsters v Aliens is no doubt a good film is it worth buying a 3D set for and is a child going to sit watching it with a pair of glasses on more than twice… if at all.

And it is the glasses that present the major problem. The marketing guys once again have pulled out all the stops with the fact your viewing pleasure will be enhanced as you immerse yourself in the experience that is 3D in your living room. Of course you can take off the glasses and look around and the world is in 3D all without the need for glasses, amazing isn’t it? Take that marketers.

And as for the glasses which ones are the best for watching your set. Shutter, Polarized or Dual Colour? …. You don’t want to end up with a Betamax after all. As with everything prices will drop, the BBC will start to film and release their nature documentaries. You will always need the glasses, however, which presents a sizeable problem to a large number of us who already wear glasses. Having sat through Avatar in the cinema with 2 pair on, sitting regularly at home looking like Mr Magoo is not how I want to spend an evening. Proscription 3D glasses … How sad does that sound

Of course ‘Sky’ will also enter the marketing push to sell us 3D based around Football. You can feel you where there watching the players spit and blow snot out of one nostril while Fergie chews gum in 3D … at the same time as looking like a myopic idiot as you and your 3 mates wear mad glasses (2 will have to bring their own) , try to have a drink and a bit of banter all at the same time. Guaranteed by mid way through the 2nd half the 3D will be off and normal HD will be on.

The reality is if there is a major push persuading more to have 3D it will be around solo gaming and pornography where the viewers will only be too pleased to look sad in a pair of Dark glasses in a darkened room.

So my advice is: if you have the money to buy a 3D set. Buy the big 50in HD TV, if you want a big TV, get yourself a camcorder and go on holiday to somewhere like Cambodia, Cuba, or Vietnam, instead. Film everything and plough money back into communities that need it and create memories that will last a lifetime and ones you can relive over and over again on your non 3D set.

OK… travelling the world is not for everybody. But try and get out from the house and car and do something you haven’t done before … visit a museum, art gallery, live sport, a play and remember life is in 3D and in some cases it’s free. OR go to Home Bargain where a canvas, acrylic paints and brushes will cost you less than a ‘tenner’, but you will have lots of fun creating your ‘flat’ vision of what you see.

Sounds better and more Live 3D than Monsters V Aliens doesn’t it.

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2 Responses to “3D or not 3D -That is the question?”

  1. John McLeod

    23. Sep, 2010

    3D TV’s look aweful if they’re on, and you’re walking through the door or in the room without proper glass wear. It’s all distortion. Imagine a football game where glassless guests are constantly engaging in conversation and watching the game at the same time. That fuzz can give you a headache. I agree, nature is the best 3D, but 3D TV just doesn’t live up to the hype. Personally, I believe animation has a lot more going for it in the realm of 3D. Nice post, and I’ll pass it along. Just found this blog today.

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