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GP: ” Our Adopted Village of Yadagungume. Imagine a community surviving solely from their own endeavours – producing all their own food, making their own clothes and supporting each other in the endless battle to survive and prosper.

Imagine a community that during the rainy season is virtually cut off and isolated from the outside world!

Such is the plight of the village of Yadagungume in the heart of Bouchi State, Nigeria. This community, along with numerous satellite villages is home for more than 20,000 inhabitants. Life is far from easy, but help is at hand!”

The A’I Saleh Developement Foundation
(taken from the Foundations brochure)

“Freely you have received, freely give”

To understand the motivation and mission of the Foundation, perhaps a brief story would be most revealing. A little girl, when she was five years old, was taken from Mailamba village, away from her parents, and away from Koranic tutelage. She was placed under a mallam who was her uncle. She was taken to an environment where she would subsequently receive formal western education with Koranic lessons. The little girl’s father made this heart-rending decision at the prompting of someone else. They cared enough (perhaps divinely propelled) to sustain pressure, against others wishes until the little girl was sent to school.

The little girl took her ABC lessons seriously enough, gained a new life and her lot changes from smallness to greatness, from obscurity to lime light, just because someone cared. To cut the long story short, she had a fulfilling professional career from which she retired in April 1999 as a One-Star General and Head of the Nursing Services of the Nigerian Air Force.

That little girl was Habiba Garba. Someone cared enough to insist that little Habiba be sent to school. Now, the retired General cares enough to want to reverse for good the fortunes of the underprivileged, especially minors. She received freely, she wants to put back something freely.

Habiba invites like-minded people, and other divinely propelled observers, to join in the actualisation of the vision of

The A’I Saleh Developement Foundation

The following will give you an idea of what we will achieve with your help

The Foundation.

The A’I Saleh Development Foundation was conceptualised in 1996, and registered In Nigeria in 1999 under the provisions of the Companies and Allied Matters Act as a non-profit, Non Governmental Organization (NGO). The actual operation of the Foundation was in the third quarter 1999 in mobilization and start-up mode.

The foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees, which sets down broad policies for the execution of a Management Board. The President of the Board of Trustees also heads the Management Board, which essentially includes the Secretary and the Treasurer. Positions on the Board of Trustees and the Management Board are non-remunerative. All other stall and / or volunteers of the Foundation are appointed by the Management Board. There is provision for Membership of the Foundation, which is open to all persons with specific skills required to achieve its objectives. The Founder, Air Commodore Habiba R. Garba
(rtd.) is the current President of the Foundation, and in that role heads both the Board of Trustees and the Management

If one out of every ten lepers healed returned to give thanks, the mission would have been successful.

Aims and Objectives

To concentrate on the development of skills in rural areas, including upgrading of local craftsmen and women, thereby economically empowering the people.

To build educational facilities in villages where there are none, and to strengthen formal training at the primary level, to educate women on sustainable lifestyle and help youths discover and improve on their talents through vocational schools by providing necessary and appropriate manpower.

To improve the quality of life and promote general survival of the people, by creating access to primary health care.

In all of the above, to keep as a special focus, interest in underprivileged groups such as children (especially girls), women, the youth and nomads.

The School Children of Yadagungume

The A’I Saleh Developement Foundation are actively making a difference today.

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