Green Planet is a ‘not for profit’ organization focused on the principles of researching projects that are commercially viable whilst providing humanitarian and environmental benefit to a world in need. This is our philosophy, creating projects that work with nature whilst creating sustainable returns either for the recipients of humanitarian grants or commercial entities. Green Planet will manage the project from beginning to end or is happy to assist in partnering with similarly minded groups as ourselves.

Green Planet Environmental Ltd is registered in Liverpool England. Our agriculture project management is located in both Australia and the UK. We also have facilities in Nigeria and India.

Our current activities include:

  • Researching the growing, harvesting and processing of kenaf and fund raising for a humanitarian rural agriculture project that will advance kenaf worldwide and assist many more farmers and communities than just those included in the project
  • Setting up Green Planet Rural Agricultural Industry Centres – GPRAIC – these are the processing and social support services that form hubs around rural communities enabling subsistence farmers to compete in the world market places and support their families and their own communities
  • Fund raising for a state of the art tree nursery and plantation in Nigeria, where Green Planet has an agreement with the Federal Government of Nigeria to raise millions of tree saplings for the National Shelter Belt Project. This involves the planting of tens of millions of trees along the sub-Sahara region
  • Fund raising for projects in Aboriginal Australia
  • Expanding the manufacture of organic fertilizers and pesticides in Nigeria, utilizing the fruit from the indigenous Neem tree
  • Expanding, in partnership with an Indian company, the manufacture of organic fertilizers and pesticides in India
  • Researching products from organic materials that can replace wood and petroleum based products
  • Continuing research and development and manufacture of a highly advanced proprietary fertilizer supplement, that increases the nutritional content of crops. This environmentally friendly product is producing fantastic results in terms of increased crop yields and enhanced quality of produce and is now being exported to several countries
  • Researching and writing commissioned reports for clients