An offer you cannot refuse?

Hi World,

Hope you are all well… And life is good.

The gist and thrust of the new Green Planet site will be people interacting with their environment.

So plunging right in with a question: Do you want to write a blog from whatever country you live in about people or even yourself in your country/province/area/state and how they/you are trying to make/making a difference to their environment and others.. or even to themselves/yourself?..

So tell us what you think… Regarding Green Planet we have interests and causes that we champion and try to do something about… Tell us about your interests and causes?

We are passionate about :

  • Sustainability…passionate about crops and products we all use and those we need to use.
  • People and communities… we are the ‘haves’ and we at Green Planet feel it our duty to care about the ‘have nots’
  • Food, nutrition and what we consume.
  •  Fertilizer and Pesticides and making sure where we can that we are not poisoning ourselves and the earth with either.
  • Having a good old rant about issues that fall across our path and
  •  The Environment.

People forget the environment is not just rainforest and trees … it’s Slums… Subsistence farms … Offices… Factory environments, etc. Let’s give people making a difference a bit of publicity, a pat on the back and hopefully a bit of help.

Let us highlight those who need help… In the hope that somebody reading can provide that help.

Let us get on at people and companies who can make a difference , but don’t.

Let us debate issues..etc

Anyway.. getting back to the point .. Do you fancy having a platform for your thoughts?


Well get writing and send it to us.

All the best


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