Cellulite and Your Love of Coffee

Cellulite and Your Love of Coffee

Posted on 19. Aug, 2010 by in drink me

A Guest article.

It is not uncommon for people to have cellulite problems nowadays. And many of these individuals are doing almost everything at their disposal to try and remove those unsightly cellulite. What they are not aware of is that sometimes what they think are good for the body can actually have a down side. Take coffee for example. Almost all the people in the whole world who have cellulite problems drink coffee. Unfortunately for them, they have been ignorant that what they have been drinking all these years play a very important role in the formation of cellulite.

The effective way of treating cellulite and successfully removing them is to make use of the body’s natural ability to flush out toxins from the body. And when the body holds water, there is now way in the world that your body will be able to do this. So when dehydration sets in, you can expect some toxins to be flushed out of your system. However, you body will try to prevent your system from going totally dehydrated as it holds the water internally when the water you put inside your body is insufficient.

The dimpled appearance of cellulite can be lessened with regular massage treatments and diuretic agents. And as you know, caffeine is a natural stimulant and it promotes the elimination of body fluids. This is basically why most anti-cellulite creams and lotions contain caffeine or coffee extracts.

So what is the problem with caffeine when it actually eliminates water thereby allowing your body to flush out the toxins?

Well, the problem is simply that caffeine makes water come right back into our bodies causing our cells to hold on to as much water as possible. Now that is very bad when you are trying to remove your cellulite.

What’s even worse is that when your body is dehydrated, your skin will definitely show how dry you have become internally. The skin will looked chapped and thirsty. Your skin should always be moisturized and hydrated which is why you see the skin of coffee drinkers looking parched.

Now you’re aware of the effects of coffee or caffeine to your cellulite, you should definitely re-think getting another cup of your favorite blend.

About the author: Veronica Davis is a freelance writer for businesses online and internet business columnist for Examiner. She writes about an array of beauty-related topics to include cellulite and other problems women are likely to face.

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2 Responses to “Cellulite and Your Love of Coffee”

  1. Melanie

    24. Nov, 2010

    As a librarian, I find it hard to put any stock in your article when you fail to cite sources. You yourself cannot be considered an expert on this topic unless you cite a medical degree or some level of medical expertise which you do not.

    In regards to this article, you blatantly ignore that fact that scientists are finding that coffee may actually be beneficial to our health. It may reduce the risks of some cancers, stall/reduce the risk of diabetes and is not as “dehydrating” as you claim it to be.

    Please see the Mayo Clinic article listed here: http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/caffeinated-drinks/AN01661

    In the future, please list your medical credentials, cite sources or refrain from writing articles on topics you know nothing about.

  2. admin

    24. Nov, 2010

    Hi Melanie

    First of all thanks for taking the time to write… As with all things we advocate moderation in anything you consume.

    In the short observation from the Mayo clinic which you cite, it says

    Caffeine only has a diuretic effect if you consume large amounts of it — more than 500 to 600 milligrams (or 4 to 7 cups of coffee) a day.

    I would suggest that lots of people, who referred to in the article as having a Cellulite problem probably consume in excess of 4 cups of coffee a day… by that token the Caffeine in coffee would have a diuretic affect as suggested by the Mayo Clinic article.

    The site referred to in the Article that caused such a problem to you was http://www.cellulite.co.uk/ which provides further reading information on cellulite.

    We didn’t list Medical Credentials as we don’t have them … but then again we were not offering a medical oppinion , rather an observational one based on others work… like the research mentioned above could have been written as ‘consume 4 to 7 cups of coffee a day and the caffine it contains will have a diuretic affect on your body’…

    As a Librarian, you know, the written word is so open to interpretation.. and as such we would always advocate further research before assumming life is black or white. … the article in this site are mostly a persons observation and have been written to stimulate people into further action



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