Coca Cola and The Green Bottle

Coca Cola and The Green Bottle

Posted on 02. Jun, 2010 by in drink me

You have got to love Coca Cola one of the biggest and most recognized brands in the world.

Where they lead others will follow, Coke caught on quite late in the game that going green generates a lot of good press and cudos from others. Saving the Planet from pollution caused by packaging waste and helping to fight climate change, by making changes to their operation, is good for business.

Even if you feel, as we at Green Planet, that this was all put together by Marketing reaction rather than a real desire to be environmentally proactive, doing something is better than doing nothing.

So we really welcome Coca Cola’s decision to bring their drink out NOW in a bottle made up to 30% plant-based material. Coke has taken this starting initiative to reduce the non-decomposable plastic waste caused by use of PET bottles.

Coke aims to produce 2 billion of these PlantBottles by the end of 2010 as a part of its long term goal to create new bottles that are made from 100% renewable raw materials and yet are completely recyclable.

The current PlantBottle of Coke uses 30% molasses from the sugarcane industry as its main plan-ingredient with 70% from petroleum-based ingredients and in future the company plans to increase the content of the plant-component in the bottles. The Petroleum ingredients are obtained from sources like that pumping out in to the Gulf at the moment.

While a 100% plant-based bottle cannot store carbonated drinks, It can only be a matter of time, we hope, before Coca Cola take the Gold medal in Green Packaging.

Of course drinks companies such as Belu and Biota have had 100% Compostable bottles for quite a while so cynically one might ask how much money and effort is one of the most profitable companies throwing at the carbonation problem that is causing the delay on the road to 100% plant based bottles.

Coke even put the green logo on their bottles just to show how green they are. Apparently Coca Cola has created a 100% plant-based bottle in its labs “We’re just trying to figure out how to make it in a way that’s commercially viable.” Was the reported comment.

So, we have high hopes that 2011 will be the end of the PET bottle, So only 4/10 to Coke must try harder.

For the technically minded

Traditional plastic bottles are made from polyethylene terephthalate, commonly known as PET, which is derived from petroleum, a nonrenewable resource. In 2006, PET plastic bottles for U.S. beverage consumption required more than 17 million barrels of oil to produce them.

The new plant-based bottle developed by Coke is composed of 70% petroleum-based and 30% sugar-cane-based materials. The cane is crushed and mashed to produce juice, which is then fermented and distilled, producing ethanol. That ethanol is then converted through a series of chemical processes such as oxidation to a mono-ethylene glycol—a component normally derived from petroleum for use in plastic bottles. The MEG is then mixed with terephthalic acid to create the new PET plastic bottle.

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