Dear Mr Gates – Inspiration starts somewhere?

Dear Mr Gates – Inspiration starts somewhere?

Posted on 17. May, 2010 by in mishmash

Dear Mr Gates,

First of all may I call you Bill – you see, I feel as if I know you so well, having bought your many excellent products over the years.

Let me get straight to the point, Bill. I feel the world in general and the business world in particular needs a champion. One like you who will to a certain extent put everybody’s and the world’s interests ahead of his own. Now I’m not pretending that it helps because you are one of the world’s wealthiest men and a person of influence, as if you were me, I wouldn’t be writing to you.

Digressing slightly, I appreciate that you are, now Bill, no longer the CEO of Microsoft and have other interests, – But, let’s call it as it is, if you wanted Microsoft to do your bidding – it would do it, wouldn’t it Bill?

Well, what I require is Microsoft (You) to do is to simply set an example others can follow.

Let me digress a bit further Bill. I recently bought a Microsoft Office Package which is basically a Software CD and a leaflet. The Software CD is a normal looking CD, 120mm diameter and 1mm thick and the leaflet with basic info insert disc and follow the online instructions. It came in a wonderful looking hard plastic designer Box 38mm x 130mm x 190mm with fold-out side containing the CD in a clip in compartment, curved top and side, Inner sleeve to the curved sections with a little bit more info and all shrink wrapped in plastic (although that could have been the retailers extra packaging).

As I said, wonderful looking packaging Bill, probably more expensive to produce than the CD and leaflet combined – But and here is the rub – I just wanted the CD.

All the packaging was overkill – taking years to degrade and will probably end up in landfill or worse in some whale in the middle of the Atlantic.

As I started to say Bill – What we need as a planet is the likes of some premier business like Microsoft to set an example on Packaging.

Your business must have some of the finest intellects around, working for you, surely you can come up with an equally sunning looking environmentally friendly packaging made from say kenaf and Polylactic acid (PLA). Personally a simple Black box like the one around George Harrisons’ All thing must Pass CD’s would do for me, however I appreciate people like to feel the product is very expensive by looking at the packaging, so each to their own Bill.

Like the Puma shoebox - The wheel can be Re-invented, can it be that hard to Re-invent a box for a Software CD

It is said that in times of need – Leaders come forward. Churchill in WWII and Bill Gates as the Hero of the 21st Century Packaging Revolution …. nice ring to it doesn’t it.

Oh! and a further Win, after the one for the Planet, is you don’t have to alter the price of your excellent products -you still make Squillions of $’s

So how about it Bill? It’s got to be worth checking out.

Anyway give it a bit of thought – Where you lead, others will from necessity follow

Cheers and thanks for reading

All the best


PS. The picture is of a dead Minke Whale strangled by plastic from the Wild Life Extra website

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One Response to “Dear Mr Gates – Inspiration starts somewhere?”

  1. Beth greenhill

    16. Jun, 2010

    Great Point. Americans Overpackage EVERYTHING! I would also add that if Microsoft changed the default margins of word documents to be smaller than the standard Inch all around, I bet we’d save a small forest.

    And if companies didnt automatically print the legal privacy disclosure at the end of our emails– at all or in smaller print–we’d save alot of extra paper from being printed for no good reason.

    GP: Thanks for contributing, Beth… Don’t get me started on printing un-necessary emails/disclaimers/title pages etc… one of the companies I have worked for regularly printed material off with white print on a black background… looked ok (ish) on a computer, but what a waste in print… If you feel like writing an article, on something that is important to you, we would only be too happy to present it.. thanks again.

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