Del (Deree) Reid – Latest News 16/08/10

Del (Deree) Reid – Latest News 16/08/10

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Sorry about the lack of new information regarding Deree (the latest published was the 06/04/10) . Since then Deree has found a reliable Lawyer to represent him in court and has been attending court weekly.

It might seem to us a never ending saga .. but to Deree it is a never ending nightmare. Unlike court appearances in the UK, courts in Kenya seem to do things in 15minute bursts once a week…. 15 minutes to move the case forward and then posponed for another week.. Strange but true.

Deree is in frequent contact with friends and colleagues.. but as the case is now in court, it would not be prudent to relay what is going on, as it might predudice events.

We all hope and pray for a happy outcome that will allow Deree to rebuild his shattered life.

Deree would like to thank all those who have sent him messages and words of encouragement.. I know it means a lot to him.

So watch this space and I would like to think we are going to get a bit more positive news shortly.



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  1. gordon

    25. Aug, 2010

    15 minutes of court time a week is beyond belief…….so frustrating for Del when you just want to claim your freedom back. It’s like you suffer a punishing sentence then you get to try and prove your innocence! Hope you come home soon Del

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