Deree Reid and friends of Green Planet

Deree Reid and friends of Green Planet

Posted on 11. Oct, 2010 by in Kenya, odd stuff

It has been some months since Deree Reid (Del) provided updates for us here at Green Planet;

Deree was invited to Kenya almost 18 months ago to assist some groups/people out there and to highlight via Green Planet their work.

When there, he intervened in a fight to prevent a woman getting beaten and it all started to go horrible wrong as we have mentioned in previous reports.

Although things have seemingly been quiet, his case has continued in the Kibera courts be it with numerous stops and starts. Unfortunately due to the possibility of compromising his defence we have not been able to post specific details of his court attendances. He has none the less continued to make friends and meet many people and organizations in Kenya. So he sent us details of a few organizations he has felt compelled to befriend and voluntarily assist.

His work has been unpaid and mainly consists of helping these organizations build solid infrastructure.

All of the organisations we are previewing had their logos, write ups and images done by Deree on behalf of Green Planet and we are honoured to welcome them as our friends. There are also many images he has taken and as we post this he is uploading as many as he can for you all to view.

Deree with new friend Ken Mbai who assisted him in finding a good lawyer

Friends of Green Planet

Further details will be published later


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