Green Planet Environmental Ltd

Green Planet Environmental Ltd

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Green Planet are striving to make our planet a greener and healthier place to live. Our activities are designed to work with the environment. We embrace the principles of fair trade and ethical business. We actively work to improve peoples’ lives and encourage others to do so by providing employment and opportunities to communities in developing nations.

Our agriculture activities revolve around the development of sustainable crops, like kenaf, that produce fibres that can replace virgin wood pulp and petroleum based products. Where appropriate we will employ a system we call GPRAIC – Green Planet Rural Agriculture Industry Centres. This system will provide the commercial and social infrastructure to support rural subsistence farmers worldwide.

Green Planet is supporting leading-edge technologies for the mass-planting of trees and the manufacture of organic fertilizers and pesticides. These activities have a direct and positive effect on the environment and the health and welfare of the communities in their operational areas.

We are committed to being an active member of the world community, by supporting people less fortunate than ourselves, especially children. Individuals, families and communities everywhere, have a basic right to nourishing food, clean water, health care, adequate shelter and education.

At Green Planet we abhor all waste, from human resources, land and energy to crops, produce, materials and packaging and we will identify abuse of our planet and people. Sustainability rests on the principle that we must meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to survive.

We aim to put a spotlight on injustice. Like the case of our colleague Del (Deree) Reid who went to the aid of a woman being assaulted and is in turn still deprived of his liberty 12 months later.

This website, with your support will highlight businesses, organisations and people who are interacting in a positive way with their environment and communities and also those who are not. It will also provide a platform, for all, our views and opinions.

Green Planet – Working with Nature and Communities!

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