Hidden Hunger

Hidden Hunger

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GP: “This is where we started at Green Planet – A desire to fight Hidden Hunger in Africa”

A direct consequence of the continued use of chemical fertilizers is the mineral depletion of our soils. Farmers often see no alternative other than using the existing chemicals to ensure a viable harvest. The crops may look good – but if minerals (micronutrients) vital to human health are no longer in the soils then obviously they cannot be in the resulting crops! The predominance of this micronutrient deficient food creates a situation that the World Health Organisation describes as ‘Hidden Hunger’.

Approximately one third of all children in developing countries is affected by ‘Hidden Hunger’ and are suffering ill effects because they are not receiving sufficient nutrients.

When micronutrients are missing from the diet the results can be catastrophic. Iron is essential for the prevention of anaemia, especially in women and children. Its absence results in cognitive and learning difficulties in young children and impaired work output in adults. Zinc deficiency causes growth retardation, delayed sexual maturity, hypogonadism and hypospermia, alopecia, immune disorders, dermatitis, mental lethargy, night blindness and impaired wound healing. Women lacking in Zinc may experience birth difficulties and even death during childbirth.

It is estimated there are two billion people who are iron deficient, 250 million children who are lacking in Vitamin A and 1.5 billion people not receiving enough iodine.

Green Planet’s fertilizers provide the solution to combating Hidden Hunger! There needs to be a new approach and Green Planet has it!

Micronutrients are essential for healthy crops and healthy people

Green Planet provides practical solutions and the example required to effect necessary change. So there is indeed hope for both the environment and for the children of our Planet!

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