Is what we strive for Delusional?

Is what we strive for Delusional?

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I was listening to the radio today in the car when an item caught my attention. 1000 plus members of the Spirit of Shankly (SOS) met in Liverpool to implore the present 2 American owners of Liverpool FC to sell and more to the point sell to them.

The 2 points of interest here are that the owners want to sell and The SOS have got no money.

Let me explain, several years ago the then present owners couldn’t afford to run Liverpool FC and couldn’t raise the money to build a new stadium so after much ‘dealing’ they sold it to a Mr Gillette who halved his liability by sharing the cost with a Mr Hicks. Many promises were made and plans for a new stadia where drawn up and the club was put on a more professional business setup.. Then the financial world went into free fall and promises were reluctantly broken.

SOS was founded to hound Gillette and Hicks to sell, in part they succeeded and the club is up for sale. I would guess that any new owners would have to invest about £900million. £450M to buy Messrs Gillette and Hicks out, £300M for a new stadium and £150M investment in the team.

So are SOS members being delusional? At what point does the aims become unachievable and are abandoned. The 1st aim of SOS was to get the present owners out… success. The 2nd aim is to form a Credit Union and raise £900M … personally I feel that is not going to happen and are SOS going to protest if Dubai International buy the club? Are SOS members there because they want to belong to group of like minded people with no real aims?

Are we as Environmentalists delusional in thinking that we can change the world? Do we now just pay lip service to the environmental mantra, like big business who uses the Green Label as a selling point?

Then I read a clip on how Bill Shankly would like to be remembered:

“That I’ve been basically honest in a game in which it is sometimes difficult to be honest. Sometimes you‘ve got to tell a little white lie to get over a little troublesome period of time. I’d like to think that I have put more into the game than I have taken out. And that I haven‘t cheated anybody, that I’ve been working for people honestly all along the line, for the people of Liverpool who go to Anfield.”

So that’s it put more into life than you take out, and be as honest as you can possibly be.

Simple instructions from a great man ‘Who made people happy’.

Instructions that I wish everybody would live by inc Politicians, Chairmen of Businesses, big and small and people who can make a difference and don’t. Delusional I know… but I wish these people would make me happy, and in my lifetime please.

Read more about Bill here

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