Jamie Oliver vs The USA

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Love him or loath him… and we love him at Green Planet… the man has backbone

In case you didn’t know Jamie is in the USA.. not to preach but to educate and highlight poor diet habits that parents subject their kids to… for basically a quiet life….. I’m not just talking just in the USA but all over the so called developed world.

Here are some highlights …. err lowpoints….well sad bits

Alice Gue who is a cook at the local primary school, Central City Elementary, was genuinely baffled when he asked why the pupils, aged between five and 14, had only spoons. “What would be the point of a knife,” she asked, waving at boneless chicken nuggets and mashed potato. “Are you telling me, honestly, that your kindergartners in Britain have knives and forks?”

Yes, he spluttered. When he finally got knives for baked chicken and whole fruit, Oliver had to show 10-year-olds how to use them.

“I have met a teen given six years to live because of the damage caused to her liver by poor diet,” he said. “A whole class could not tell the difference between a potato and a tomato, or did not know french fries come from potatoes because they never see them at school or at home.

“This is the first generation expected to live shorter and less healthy lives than their parents.

A handful of corporations control 80% of America’s beef and corn industries and have used lobbyists to obtain government subsidies to keep them cheap, which is why McDonald’s can sell a burger with processed cheese for 99 cents while a nearby supermarket offered an uncooked head of broccoli for $1.75

These breaks are not easily available to vegetable growers who haven’t industrialised output so profitably. So ordinary green vegetables, never mind organic, are shockingly expensive.

One of the most depressing scenes Oliver witnessed in Huntington was of children tipping bushels of uneaten apples from their plates into rubbish bins.

It goes on and on….

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