Kibwezi Green Crescent – Kenya

Kibwezi Green Crescent – Kenya

Posted on 12. Apr, 2010 by in Kenya

GP: It is our pleasure to bring you some happier news from Kenya. An organisation very similar to Green Planet with much the same aims.

The Kibwezi Green Crescent Community Based Organisation (CBO).

Kibwezi Green Crescent is a organisation registered by Ministry of Gender, Sports, Culture and Social Services, situated in Ngwata Location, Kibwezi Division, which is a semi arid region in Eastern Kenya.

Their core aim is to eradicate poverty through careful gardening and promotion of environmental conservation activities.

A few facts

•           Kibwezi Green Crescent was formed some years ago by small scale farmers in a semi arid region of the lower eastern province in Kenya with a common goal to make poverty an history by concentrating on the innovation and application of

•           Social Changes and poverty reduction strategies (PRS),

•           Conservation measures, most preferably the environmental– like the planting of trees, careful digging of terraces in the gardens to prevent soil erosion and construction of gab-ions along the banks of the existing river channels.

•           Addressing social issues solutions.

By mobilizing the youth into team building programmes for the benefit of the community in general, like planting trees in neighbouring dispensaries and schools.       

Organising committees to work, hand in hand, with the regional community health workers.

 To continue providing counselling services and educational materials to the participants especially on the matters pertaining the HIV and Maternal Health.

•           Adults Education participation in community health team building programs

Since the 2008 the self help groups involved in the Kibwezi Green Crescent has been working to influence and involve local participants in policies about a range of topics in the communities welfare on development issues They include:

  • Information management, agricultural technology and knowledge sharing.
  • Methodologies for participatory cohesion in environmental conservation and regional assessment development feasibility.
  • Gender policies and women well-being.
  • Group work, irrigation and sanitation.
  • School landscaping.
  • Hygiene policies and programmes.

At present we are submitting requests to some NGO’s to see if they can support us to drill some permanent bole holes to get water for domestic use, and require assistance for any type of promotional and educational materials that will help with uniting the community.

We are especially looking for some T-shirts with our organisations name, Kefris identity and a message to promote the environmental conservation. This message will give the whole community some light and they will see the necessity to co-operate. By helping the community they will be helping themselves and their children

Next time will send more to you including a few photographs of our participants in action

Mbwika mutua.

Chief Executive Officer. Nairobi

GP: Photograph courtesy of Lilti at

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3 Responses to “Kibwezi Green Crescent – Kenya”

  1. Tom Pier

    04. May, 2010

    great post as usual!

    GP: Hi Tom… If you feel like praising somebody, or group who are trying to make a difference then let is know.. and thanks for the encouragement, it is greatly appreciated.

  2. Mbwika mutua

    04. May, 2010

    Kibwezi Green Crescent CBO will always stand to acknowledge the support accorded to it by great Non-Governmental organizations like the GREEN PLANET. That has recently proved by showing this local community that the they care for the community, by highlighting the community’s identity on the website. Some CBOs, and even other groups particularly small service providers do not have the data collection systems needed to track and report detailed information on each program participated and some cannot finance information system upgrades. .Bearing in mind that there is a very great competition of the CBOs who keep on increasing flexibility in their areas of participation, there is an increased competition for government and NGO, funds.

    Service providers with greater capacity and other financial resources to leverage are typically in a better position to win support, placing smaller CBOs at a disadvantage. Self help groups may have difficulty in not only arrival at this point of appearing on a website under whatever manner but also co operating for long because they are low-income families under welfare reforms due to lack of sustainable funding. To remain effective and able to meet the focused obligations, CBOs really need access to long-term funding sources, educational and promotional materials as well as high-quality financial management and accounting systems where applicable..

    Some CBOs find they are less likely to secure grants and contracts if they fail to show funders they already have resources to leverage and match any new funding sources. Funders also often like to see positive program outcomes before renewing a CBO’s contract or awarding it any new funds. This can be problematic, however, by the support we are already experiencing, we can say that the Green Planet sees the need to strengthen AGRO and environmentally focused groups to encourage value addition at community level thus improving the livelihoods of the small holder farmers .

    We thank you all in the Green Planet for having proved to understand that, the potential of Natural resources to take rural poor out of poverty cannot be under estimated .every small aggregate step made by every participant towards empowerment in the community welfare can be improved further when there is some encouragement and motivation.

    It is obvious that we need to work harder with awareness raising, mobilizing of resources and engaging a wider range of actors. And we can do more in terms of coordinating our efforts to promote gender equality and empowering women the communities in marginalized areas

    For us, me the real issue is not whether Kenya will reach or not the 2030 vision but the sustainability of Kenyan’s efforts to meet vission and stay for ever on the track. for that, in addition to the foreign assistance, we will star where we are, we will do what we can, we will use what we have, to make poverty an history.

    P.O BOX 15177-00100

  3. Bri

    16. Jan, 2011

    GP; Directed at The Kibwezi Green Crescent CBO
    Hello there,
    i m only passinger on this site, surfing around and trying to find pictures of Kibwezi and nature, but it was really interesting to read all of this.
    It is amazing how you are trying to improve conditions in Kibwezi and i m sure people there will recognize good ideas and will work together and with a lot of love, and i m sure Kenyans have a lot of love in their hearts, will make this come true – i love how you wrote: ..”we will do what we can, we will use what we have, to make poverty an history.”
    really good post.. good luck :)

    GP: I thanks you on their behalf

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