Killing bacteria, pathogens, viruses and toxins naturally

Killing bacteria, pathogens, viruses and toxins naturally

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3 simple ways to kill bacteria, pathogens, viruses and toxins in our bodies

Oxygen therapy

Oxygen is a natural, powerful cleanser, oxygen therapy is used cleanse the body of bacteria, viruses, and toxins.

Just by learning and practicing deep breathing techniques it is possible to vastly increase the available oxygen in the body to cleanse it. Mostly we a shallow breathe. The trick is to remember to do it frequently, at any time.

You can also purchase liquid oxygen and there are other methods to get oxygen into the body, these are mostly carried out by qualified therapists.


Ozone is another form of oxygen. And an ozone generator will help to purify the air in your home or workplace. Combining deep breathing in an area where there is an ozone generator is an advantage.
You can also purchase liquid ozone and there are reputable makes on the market.

Another way to get ozone into the body is by visiting a spa or hot tub that uses ozone generators instead of chlorine. This method exposes your entire body to a safe and relaxing form of oxygen.

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy

Hydrogen peroxide is water with an extra oxygen molecule bonded that reacts with bacteria, viruses and toxins. Hydrogen peroxide therapy has been used for many years both internally and externally. Many farmers have used it for the health of their animals.

It is very powerful and when ingested care must be taken not to exceed the amount recommended regarding the dilutions – just a few drops in a whole glass of water is what is normally suggested. It is important to only use food grade hydrogen peroxide if you intend to explore further information about ingesting it. The solution mostly sold in pharmacies for external use, is not suitable.

Be sure the container and recommended dilution is clearly marked and not within reach of children. You can also use it to clean a wound, and again care must be taken as it can burn the skin if not diluted.
Food grade hydrogen peroxide can also be added to a warm bath. About 200ml, a fifth of a litre, is about right for a refreshing bath. Soak for 20 minutes.

Well there you have it, 3 ways to kill bacteria, pathogens, viruses and toxins naturally.

The beauty of getting more oxygen into your lungs is it’s free, so try and make it part of an exercise program like walking.

Deep breathing plus a little exercise and you will notice the improvements to your well being very quickly.

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