Liquid Fertilizers

Liquid Fertilizers

Posted on 07. Apr, 2010 by in product

Green Planet has developed a unique liquid fertilizer product that is producing extraordinary results! This natural product has been tested at agricultural institutions will excellent results.

It contains special components that combine to produce outstanding plant growth rates and more nutritious foods! This ability to increase the nutritional content of food addresses the problems of ‘hidden hunger’ so prevalent in developing countries.

Main ingredients:

Full range of ‘micro-nutrients’ and ‘trace-elements’ essential to optimal plant health, which increase the nutritional value of food produced.

Natural micro-organisms that work in synergy with the plant, enabling the maximum uptake of nutrients from the soil.

Proprietary ‘plant extracts’ that stimulate the plant to produce more ‘naturally occurring hormones’ (NOH), enabling the plant to achieve more of its genetic potential.

8 Responses to “Liquid Fertilizers”

  1. Dr. Zahoor baba(Agricultural scientist)

    10. Apr, 2010

    the agency shuld put in maximum efforts to marketise the safe products and to activate its extension channels to dessiminate the information to farming community at earliest.

  2. Ravi

    10. Apr, 2010

    Dr Zaroor,
    I appreciate your point of view.
    However, the Soil is subjected to so many pollutants (and some of them are increasingly becoming more toxic and dangerous), that to cope with them, is a tedious job.
    So, what is best foot forward ?
    Charity begins at Home…..
    Let us decide, to take steps which make Earth a Healthier planet….
    Vehicular Exhaust Air – Pollution….Minimise use of Vehicles…
    Minimise use of Non-Bio-degradeable Plastics (synthetics)…..
    Minimize use of Chemicals in Agri-Forestry….
    Even to the effect…Increase Non-conventional methods of Power Generation like …..Solar/ Wind Turbines…Etc….
    There are lot to do…..Lot to say…..
    But, Let us start….Journey of 1000 miles will start with a Single Step…..
    Just Do It !!!!

    Brief details on Ravi Gogna – India can be found by clicking on his name

  3. peio revuelta

    30. Apr, 2010

    I am a farmer and growing vegetables to sell. For more efficency i use fertilizers but while using them it is important to
    keep it healthy because some fertilizers contain corruptive elements so I try to read everything about fertilizers and try
    to keep my product healthy. I am grateful for those who gives information about fertilizers and anyone who
    uses fertliziers should read about it, I also found another good guide which should be read too I think;

    GP: Thanks for dropping in and the website, some good articles.

    Try looking for some fertilizers with a varied mineral content, when we tried our fertilizer in Nigeria we found crops were ‘tastier’ and got back to the old taste people remembered rather than bland taste from crops grown on mineral and nutrient depleated ground. You can’t just take out of the soil constantly without putting back in. NPK while helping crops grow, doesn’t make them nutritionally great or full of flavour.

  4. franz

    08. Jul, 2010

    I always use organic fertilizer in my garden.
    Never relied on comm.fertilizer coz it only makes ur soil acidic in the long run….

  5. amar jadhav [aundh]

    11. Nov, 2010

    it is a verry good product……..i always use this product…….

  6. Jessica Johnson

    17. Jul, 2011

    I’ve always tried to use natural fertilizers. I just don’t like the idea of putting “chemical” into my garden. There’s a disconnect there that bothers me. These liquid fertilizers look like a good alternative. Will definitely be giving them a try. Thanks.

  7. Taylor

    03. Aug, 2011

    Good to see the development and commercialization of natural forms of fertilizer as fertilizer is so important to food production and getting rid of some of the negative impacts of conventional fertilizers that are mass produced while getting more production out of crops is a double benefit that should help drive this product’s use


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