New Adventure School – Kenya

New Adventure School – Kenya

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New Adventure School
Kichinjio Village, Kibera, P.O Box 19737 – 00100, Nairobi.

The New Adventure School is a community initiative and its humble start began in the early month of September 2001. Its structural beginnings and survival are testimony to the drive and determination of Kibera residents who have continually expressed their support as the school slowly grows. On June 16th 2005 the New Adventure School registered as a C.B.O (Community Based Organisation), under the ministry of gender, sports, culture and social services. With this government recognition in place the school gained its official stamp of legitimacy and affirmed its long term intention to remain open and make a difference.

In the present and uncertain climate where others cut back, New Adventure School has not only grown but now provides full time education for 270 children beginning with primary age 5 and ending with high school ready 13 year olds. These children are taught and supported by 15 teachers and 6 support personnel.

Our Vision
At the New Adventure School there is a strong belief that without a strong educational foundation a child’s fate often results in a negative and unfulfilling future. The Schools vision is to provide the highest quality education and support for impoverished children in Kibera. The long term goal is to continue to prepare and ready each child if at all possible for a high school education. Most children attending school come from families experiencing extreme poverty so New Adventure is striving to provide a fresh daily cooked school meal for each child.

Our Mission
Our mission is to continue to maintain and raise the schools academic standards and support mechanisms in order to meet and facilitate present and future students attending New Adventure. To actively engage, challenge and empower the young, thus providing a studious environment for them to realize their future hopes, goals and dreams. The school believes in leading by example and through the embracement of unity and respect of each other children learn to work and progress together no matter what their tribal or economic back grounds.

Community Objectives
1. To actively promote a peaceful and non violent approach to students, encouraging their development and use of inter personal skills.
2. The promotion of equal rights amongst all regardless of tribe, age or gender.
3. To actively promote and manage funding schemes which will maintain long term commitment by the school for future education initiatives.
4. To enhance community support for education generally, allowing for more young people to have educational opportunities.
5. To network with other educational establishments within Kenya & the international communities.
6. The implementation of reading and writing programs to improve literacy levels in Kibera.
7. To promote leadership skills through practical skill building interaction with community based and national leader mentoring programs.

GP Comment: In the western world we take education as a basic right and forget that we are extreamly fortunate by an accident of birth. Sometimes we need the Deree Reid’s of this world to remind us how lucky we are.


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