Nicofeli Youth Club – Kenya

Nicofeli Youth Club – Kenya

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Our History
The Nicofeli Youth Club is duly registered by the government of Kenya under the Ministry of Gender, Culture and Social Services as a Community Based Organization (CBO).The project infrastructure began in February 2007 and activities commenced immediately after the post-poll skirmishes in early 2008. The birth of the club was inspired by the social, economic plight and ever increasing Illiteracy levels amongst the people of Kibera.

The Nicofeli Club has now registered more than 500 children and teenagers/youth with its community based programs including the affiliated Hope Library. The growth of our sponsored library is a clear indication of the desire and passion young people in Kibera have for reading and educational advancement. The Hope Library also sponsors short/long term reading programs, book lending and adult to child mentoring.

Our Vision
The club’s vision is to establish an all inclusive resource centre which meets the needs of the young and vulnerable here in Kibera. The goal is to empower them, whilst promoting their skills and talents. This will afford them a greater quality of life and personal expectancy.

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide a variety of organized services, activities and resources for the community in Kibera. This is made possible through occasional strategic project partnerships with other concerned government initiatives, institutions and charitable organizations. Current programs include Child Mentoring, Entrepreneurial training, and Information Provision i.e. (Healthcare, Human & Legal rights, Housing and Finance) Counseling, Sports, Community mobilization and Sensitization, Networking, and outreach to the wider communities in Kibera and beyond.

Community Objectives
1. To initiate development projects for the youth through income generating activities this will include business, entrepreneurial and governance training.
2. To empower the youth to take up responsibility and self manage their health.
3. To increase participation and interaction of our youth, in their community’s present and future governance through team sports and recreational activity.
4. To promote life skills, livelihood skills and social responsibility among the young and adolescent.
5. To retain and promote further equal rights through unity for all men, women and children in Kibera.
6. To extensively educate and advise the youth on the danger of drugs, domestic violence and petty/serious crime.
7. The implementation of reading and writing programs to improve literacy levels via THE HOPE LIBRARY.
8. To promote leadership skills through practical skill building interaction with community based and national leader mentoring programs, using inter cultural and ethnic processes.
9. To promote active non-violent approaches for civic engagement through building skills for detecting early warning signs, alternative means for resolutions, mediation, advocacy and lobbying for community empowerment.
10. To use creative arts-based media, i.e. film, theatre, printing and dance to promote and create awareness on issues affecting young persons and their role in the development of their community.

Programs and Activities

Reading Culture
The club established THE HOPE LIBRARY in late 2008. Phase 1 was completed with the delivery of 1,200 books, carefully selected and dispatched from the United States. During Phase II, another 2,000 titles were selected for delivery in August 2009. These efforts were headed by the club’s friend, Ron Reason, photographer and artist from Chicago, IL USA and the non-profit group American Friends of Kenya

Hundreds of Kibera residents have used the library, accessing titles in history, biography, women’s studies, black studies, health, many children’s titles, art, poetry, spirituality and more. The club is also dedicated to improving the current reading culture and has become a pilot organization in initiating the Johnny Appleseed Project in which children are read to aloud. This also fosters stronger adult-child relationships within the community.

Environmental Management
The club has created a garbage collection project with the goal of generating small amounts of income as well as supporting the goal of a healthy, safe and clean living environment. This has resulted in reduced stockpiles of plastic waste, a menace that deviled Kibera for a long time. The club sponsors a recycling site handling solid wastes and refuse management.

The club sponsors male football teams (below 16 and 10 Years of age), pursuing sports for social change under a program organized by Care-Kenya, Kibera Field Office. The team has also participated in several tournaments. The organization is keen to have a formidable and skillful team and is in need of financial support. A donation of specially designed jerseys with a spiffy and ferocious “Kibera Tigers” logo (at left) is due in August 2009 along with a small shipment of footballs. It is hoped that this will provide a motivational boost to the young players.

Social Work
The organization has worked in conjunction with MOYAS [Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports] peace-building and con-flict resolution workshops to bring together different communities embracing the need to live peacefully in Kibera.

This has enhanced peaceful cohesiveness and has reduced hatred amongst the members of the community. The club also participates in community clean-up initiatives’ and various other programs on drug awareness and eradication on HIV/AIDS stigmas, in the form of outreach workshops and road shows. Recently the club participated in a post sexual violence seminar by Medicine Sans Frontiers-Belgium focusing on immediate needs and services required after the act.

ICT Centre
The club has a goal of creating an Information and Communications Technology Centre, where youths and adults may be taught basic computer skills to advance their opportunities in life.

Free MealsThe club has offered occasional free meals to children who turn up for the Johnny Appleseed Project, although success has been limited due to our current financial constraints.

The club has received grants from MOYAS [Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports] and American Friends of Kenya. This enabled the purchase of library shelves and office furniture and to initiate a garbage collection project, now self sustaining. However the organization is in dire need of financial support from well wishers, donors, friends and the international community to help achieve their goals and objectives in improving the living standard of youth and kids. In particular, facilities procurement is our biggest challenge, for children’s programs and THE HOPE LIBRARY, entering Phase 3 of its continual growth: the necessary procurement of permanent space. See our contact information below to see details on how you can actively help, including possible tax-deduced contributions.

Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports [MOYAS]
Within (Reason): Contemporary Art and Photo Space, Chicago, IL
World Vision, Kenya
Care Kenya
City Council of Nairobi [CCN]
Kenya Community Development Program (KCDF)
Umande Trust
Uzima Foundation
Green Planet
Visions Consultancy

Nicofeli Contact Details
P.O. Box 45525-00100, Nairobi
UmandeTrust Fund
G.P.O. Nairobi, Kenya
On the web:,

GP Comment: In the western world we take education and the care of Children as a basic right and forget that we are extreamly fortunate by an accident of birth. Sometimes we need the Deree Reid’s of this world to remind us how lucky we are.

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