Off piste – November Shorts

Off piste – November Shorts

Posted on 02. Nov, 2010 by in odd stuff

Bits and pieces that made us smile, brought us joy, looked great, made us think or created a jaw dropping moment

5. Chirstmas lights with a twist…. watch the disappearing building at the end

4. How to make an origami… water bomb… or balloon if you’re not a 13year old… it all takes me back to when I was errrr 13.

3. If your good…. well… very good at mathematical puzzles you could win a million dollars.

2. With a life expectancy of just 37 years, Sierra Leone holds the record for the world’s shortest life expectancy. Over 70% of the population is unemployed and 30% of children do not live passed the age of 5…. Sad but true

1. Our love affair with cars continues… very clever advertisement… following on from the ‘nice as cake’ version of last year

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