Off piste – October Shorts

Off piste – October Shorts

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Yet another randon set of links, bits and pieces that made us smile, brought us joy, looked great, made us think or created a jaw dropping moment

6. “Tobacco is the only product which, if used according to the maker’s intent, kills the customer.” Tessa Jowell UK MP.

5. A most beautiful video and music… one you must watch

Stomacher – Untitled/Dark Divider from Sean Stiegemeier on Vimeo.

4. Don’t buy a Smoke Detector, yet … Ask you local Fire Station first. In Meresyside UK, the local Fire Brigade will come and assess your needs then supply and fit as many as you need to keep your house safe for FREE. Ask your local station before you buy.

3. V for Vendetta Film Clip… Good Film. Basically a warning that governments and individuals will capitalise on conflict and strife (In some cases create some that didn’t previously exist). And If we do nothing and take the easy option we get what we deserve.

Disclose.tvV for Vendetta Speech Video

2. The top picture is Red Fuji by Hokusai

1. Sometimes affection goes unspoken. Sometimes love goes unexpressed. Sometimes we can’t find words to say, Especially to those we love…. Sent via twitter

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