Off piste – September Shorts

Off piste – September Shorts

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Just a randon set of links, bits and pieces that made us smile, brought us joy, looked great, made us think or created a jaw dropping moment

10. Being without a computer sucks…. FACT

9. Celery apparently has a negative value of calories (not strictly true) but it takes more calories to eat and digest than it contains

8. Just because it made me laugh .. Armstrong and Miller

7. I was delighted to find that the language spoken by UK children’s TV characters Bill and Ben was not called ‘Flobbadob’ but ‘Oddle poddle’… ‘Flobbadob’ means Flowerpot in ‘Oddle poddle’.

6. A rant against casual racism maskerading as nationalism Liar, liar a book’s on fire.

5. Good website particularly enjoyed this page.

4. Strange beauty of Abandoned Building, Property and Places.

3. Flying Cars the stuff of my childhood… just need the jet pack now

2. The Mountain Range picture was taken in Chile – I was watching a travel documentary Michael Palin’s Full Circle and thought the Mountain vistas quite stunning.

1. Sorry Aint Enough No More – BP oil spill song

Photographs and pictures from Wikipedia

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