Organic Pesticides

Posted on 07. Apr, 2010 by in product

Green Planet produces a natural pesticide made from the fruit of the Neem tree. This offers an organic way to protect crops through multiple modes of action on insects.

The product is totally biodegradable leaving no residue, so it is totally safe for food production and the environment. It is effective against a wide range of harmful insects and pests but has no effect on beneficial insects.
The pesticide is specially formulated to include our proprietary micro-nutrient formulation. This creates the double benefit of providing protection against pests and feeding the crops with nutrients in a format that can be readily absorbed through the leaves.

When used in conjunction with Green Planet’s Neem fertilizers, farmers have at their disposal a fully organic solution to food production. This is the optimum choice for healthy, nutritious food and a safe chemical-free environment.

Green Planet – working with nature!

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  1. Dr.Zahoor baba(Agricultural scientist)Kashmir

    10. Apr, 2010

    sir no doubt organic pesticides are very effective in controlling most of the plant diseases and pests vizaviz protecting the envirinment but the most important drawback is that it cant be used on a small patch surrounded by inorganically treated crops/fields,so the way out is to popularize the use of organics among farmers as a holestic approach.

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