Our Friend – Roko Nastic

Our Friend – Roko Nastic

Posted on 31. Jul, 2010 by in our friends

Roko Nastic is a full time webmaster and blogger passionate in helping other webmasters and website owners create faster, better and more profitable websites. He started his online career as a freelance web designer in year 2005, as he saw it as a great opportunity to earn some extra income and get some useful skills in rapidly growing industry. In the beginning he was working part time only, few hours a day, until some projects he was working on started growing really fast and gave him opportunity to solely focus on them. Very soon his freelancing ambitions came to fruition and he was given the opportunity to expand his knowledge and work into other areas, mostly pay per click campaign management and search engine optimization. That was the point where there was no return back, his future career was directed: website management and promotion.

His current occupation is writing and editing blog posts and news articles published at WebmasterFormat.com,website focused on publishing useful advices and actionable tips about web development, content management systems, blogging and online marketing. Recently he’s actively making connections with like minded bloggers and promoting WebmasterFormat so you can find his guest thoughts and observations on a lot of quality sites including Green Planet, Search Engine Journal, Host Review, Stay On Search, Orange Soda and many more.

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