Puma – Rethink the shoe box

Puma – Rethink the shoe box

Posted on 16. Apr, 2010 by in innovation, odd stuff

GP: ‘Well done Puma, saving the planet one shoebox at a time.. …. Now, all we need , is for all the shoe/trainer manufacturers and retailers to follow this lead.’

Puma are going to ditch the traditional shoe box and start selling trainers in eco-friendly bags. The cost is exactly the same to Puma and us.. but they state the move will reduce the amount of paper used by the firm by a massive 8,500 tonnes (65pc per item) each year, saving 20 m megajoules of electricity, 1m l of water, 500,000 l of diesel used, 275 tonnes of plastic plus chemicals that have to be processed to dispose of them safely.

The structure of the packing is a cardboard sheet and a bag. The new design solution has no laminated printing or tissue paper, and takes up less space and weighs less in shipping,completely replacing the plastic retail bag. The recyclable bag is non-woven, which means there is less work and waste in its production, with stitching completed through heat.

GP: ‘Hopefully the cardboard will be made from recycled kenaf paper’

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  1. Grizzly Bear Mom

    03. Oct, 2011

    Note the highly stylized red bag which can be recycled to carry anything, perpetually advertising Puma. I don’t mind, as long as they reduce, reuse, and recycle!


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