Small print

Hi … In this bit will be all the do’s and don’t of posting an article or making a comment…. we hope it will be as loose and free flowing as possible but unfortunately there has to be rules or chaos ensues.

We are open to suggestions, questions, comment, concerns, complaints, ideas, and articles and commentary on any environmental or humanitarian issue. Help us to continue and improve by posting comments, links and ideas etc that praise others or move issues forward.

We do, however, have some simple rules for posting on this site:

  • Positive or negative opinions and posts are accepted. We welcome real people posting real commentary, even if it is something we disagree with..  Remember,  both you and us have the right of reply.
  • We will not respond to the annoying critical Posters using aliases or handles.
  • There is no swearing, inappropriate content or porn allowed.
  • Abusive content or personal attacks won’t be tolerated, and will be removed immediately.

None of this is hard to abide with… so let us enjoy what we do and say!

We reserves the right to delete postings if they violate these outlined terms