Urban Plant Ninjas and Green Bombs

Urban Plant Ninjas and Green Bombs

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Doing you bit for the environment or even making the place a brighter, nicer place to live takes all sorts.

Keith Stewart, an artist, writes

“I live on a council estate in Birmingham UK. In our ‘Covert’, as they gayly named our ‘street/cul-de-sac/huddle of houses’, there is a central reservation [so cars go round instead of across]. The council planted it up with dull hard wearing plants that have soon filled up with McDonald’s junk and various other crap, plus the service vehicles, like dustbin trucks, all cut corners driving across it.
In an attempt to ‘fight back’ my partner & I have started to plant out various plants that we don’t need in the garden anymore to help fill in the dry, tyre tracked areas and hopefully make it a more attractive place. Half our covert is sheltered homes for the aged so it would be nice to make it a bit of a ‘beauty spot’ for them… anyway, we feel we are trying to ‘do something’ if you know what i mean?”

Keith latest work can be found here

In a organised attack on drab – Welcome to SODOR

In May 2009, as part of their ‘Embelish’ programme, more than a hundred residents of Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie visited the great free distribution of flowers and compost. This distribution is organized by the borough and eco-district has been a huge success. Tens of thousands of flowers were distributed. This year, Citizens are invited to the free distribution of flowers on Sunday, May 30 2010 from 9 am to 12 pm. Each person will be entitled to 24 annual plans flowers for shade, impatient and full sun, petunias and marigolds.

Then for the casual plant terrorist, we present the Green Bomb option.

Green Seed bombs can be a ninja tool for guerrilla gardening. Rather than covertly putting in plantings late at night, folks can just toss this small ball mixture of dirt, clay, and seeds onto derelict waste land and wait for plants to develop.


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