Water, water everywhere and not a safe drop to drink?

Water, water everywhere and not a safe drop to drink?

Posted on 04. Aug, 2010 by in drink me

People can spend their money how they like, of course, but the idea that bottled water is somehow better than tap water is simply untrue.

The truth is, bottled water is not as safe as tap water.

PVC plastic can leach chemicals called phthalate, these are banned from use in children’s toys because of the potential risks to young children. In 2005 the European parliament acted by putting restrictions on the use of these chemicals on the basis of their reproductive, developmental and liver toxicity. Basically phthalates block testosterone and other hormones.

Water stored in plastic bottles for 10 weeks showed signs of this phthalate leaching. Now! While phthalates in tap water are regulated, no such regulations exist at all for bottled water.

Americans consume 8.6 billion gallons of bottled water… and unspecified, probably microscopic, amounts of phthalates. In Britain, we do our bit, we consume two billion litres of bottles at approx £1.00 per litre, as a cost comparison the average cost of tap water in the UK is £1 per 1,0000 litres.

Great video… If you don’t read the article!… watch the video

That’s £2bn paid for un-necessary bottled water per annum in a “environmental insanity” flying in the face of a report showed that tap water in the UK to be among the safest and purest in the world.
Bottled water costs 10,000 times more than tap water and the joke on us is that 40-percent of bottled water comes straight from the tap. So we are paying 10,000 times more to drink the same product.

We are so conditioned that bottle water is ‘better’ that sales are doubling every 5 years in Britain.

FACT: In blind tests more people pick tap water over bottled. Showtime television in the USA, found that 75% of tested New York City residents actually preferred tap water over bottled water in a blind taste test.

Bottled water now represents 16 per cent of all soft drinks sold in the UK. Britons on average consume 37 litres of bottled water a year. Worldwide it is estimated that 154 billion litres of bottled water, generating revenues of £58bn, are now consumed each year.

Madness, and to make matters worse, the ecological damage of the bottles water is totally unsustainable. The energy cost of producing a billion plastic bottles from by-products of crude oil, transporting the water over hundreds or thousands of miles and then disposing of the containers in landfill sites or burning further polluting the atmosphere, makes bottled water one of the world’s most wasteful, environmentally damaging and totally un-necessary luxuries.

So do yourself a favour, buy a refillable bottle, a jug filter kit if you want to filter the water again, and drink tap water. It’s healthier, tastes better and is kinder on the pocket and probably your reproductive system.

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5 Responses to “Water, water everywhere and not a safe drop to drink?”

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  3. James

    05. Aug, 2011

    I must admit that I didn’t know that about pthalates in bottled water. It does stand to reason that water (being a solvent) would leach chemicals from the plastic it’s stored in. In Australia, our tap water is unfortunately of a poor quality, with a noteable chemical taste.
    A friend of mine in Western Australia worked for the Water Corporation, and attended a talk by their lead chemist – I forget his actual title. He was asked a question from an audience member about flouride levels in the tap water. His reply was that the levels of flouride added to the water were too low to cause related health problems, but that he would not allow his own children to drink straight chlorinated (ie.- scheme) water. He explained that it’s not that plain chlorine is harmful, but that chlorine binds very easily to heavy metals and other elements present in the water, to form some very nasty substances that you wouldn’t want your children to ingest.
    I think the best option is to have a metal water container and fill it with tap water that’s been through a good quality home filter.

  4. Mark Scott

    07. Sep, 2011

    I completely agree, especially the environmental damage – to think how quickly the water from a bottle is consumed and yet the bottle itself will take literally hundreds of years to degrade – it’s mad


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