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The People Making Green Planet Work

Andrew Worsley – Director

Andrew brings to the table extensive corporate experience in strategic management, organizational development, corporate re-structuring, financial planning, budgeting controls, sales and marketing – together with the training and development of senior company executives. He has been very instrumental in positive meetings and discussions with the Nigerian Government regarding agriculture.

Andrew in tribal clothes with Paul Gadzama (Left) and President Olusegun Obasanjo

Paul Beattie B.Eng M.Sc. – Director

He is a radical, innovative and lateral thinker, and brings considerable problem solving skills, along with his experience in traditional business management to the Green Planet team. Latterly he has extensively researched and studied alternative plant materials for the paper and construction industries including kenaf, hemp and bamboo.

Paul with Paul Gadzama at a Nigerian roadside pitstop in Dec 2004

Norma Kirkland – Director

Norma has an extensive background in sales, marketing, public relations and training in Europe and Australia, working with both the commercial and government sectors.

She now focuses on research and communications and is frequently the first contact that funding groups, commerce and Governments have with Green Planet.

Dan D Fullick – Associate Director for International Project Development

Dan is a Corporate Adviser to a number of organizations including Green Planet. Through his worldwide contacts and experience he is able to assist his clients in making the best use of funds for commercial, humanitarian and environmental projects. His integrity enables him to get to the heart of challenges and solve them.

Deree Ried - Media Liason and Computer Management

Deree is experienced in music, video/DVD and visual production. He is also highly competent with digital software based applications and hardware equipment. In his media capacity he has presented radio in the UK and cable television in Jamaica. Working with Chris Brown, Del can set-up computer systems and conduct interviews and film local events and project progress to gather accurate report/update information for our media and sales team and visually record quality control.

Chris Brown – Technical and Communications

Chris Brown is a highly qualified communications expert, handling both Voice and Data having completed forty certification courses. Chris is experienced in designing large multi site VOIP networks with features such as resiliency. He has completed difficult projects in many countries that include the UK, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, British West Indies and Jamaica. He has worked with Cable and Wireless, Mitel Telecommunications (UK) and more recently has assisted Green Planet.

Donna Norris – Accountancy and Purchase

Donna has extensive experience in purchasing and supply in the UK, Canada, Australia and Asia. Donna also has considerable office management experience and accountancy skills proficient to trial balance
Gary Burke – Logistics, Supply and Training

Gary has had considerable experience in negotiating, training and logistics. Our projects depend on providing the correct training for new team members. Importantly Gary is experienced in ‘train the trainer’ and can help establish new personnel for countries worldwide.

Roger Andrew B.A ALA – Research and Information

Roger has been a consultant to the Green Planet management team for a number of years. Following an Information Science/Research role with a UK Government department, he gained extensive corporate sales, marketing, communications and customer relations experience with a number of corporations in the UK and Australia.

Roger is a published author in the fields of Quality Assurance and Best Practice, and has a natural feel for the Internet as a communications medium as well as excelling in traditional communications.

Gordon Farmer – Web Design and Support

Gordon has been with us as a team member from the beginning and is the person who makes everything web connected run smoothly. If you need reliable web hosting and wordpress set up, shopping cart and payment integration contact us and ask for Gordon.

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