Wind Turbines – Love them or hate them?

Wind Turbines – Love them or hate them?

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You either love them or hate them… Personally I love them, well most of them. For me it’s about suiting the location as well as necessity and they must be where they are for the right reason.

The picture below is of part of the 25 turbines in the Mersey Estuary four miles from the Crosby coastline north of Liverpool. The remaining turbines are on the Wirral side of the estuary.

The massive turbines consist of a 65m tower weighing 180 tonnes, positioned onto a single foundation pile driven into the seabed. The £107M project generates 90MW – enough power for round 80,000 households.

As you move closer to Liverpool along the docks there are now a further 11 wind turbines within the existing commercial docks. Each of the 53m high towers has three 22m blades and produces 600kw of electricity for the local electricity grid.

The picture on the right is of the first of the run next to Crosby Marina. Below is one in the Docks.

Everywhere you look in Liverpool it seems there are turbines, some are cleverly designed so they don’t look like tradition blade generators.

The Liverpool Arena, Convention and Conference building by the Albert Dock is one of the greenest facilities in Europe. With five 20m low-noise wind turbines installed just outside the convention centre they generate about 10% of its electrical needs.

As part of the ACC green pledge, rainwater is collected on the roof of the building, which is then used to flush toilets. In addition catering is is committed to using local, fresh produce to minimise the impact of transport and frozen holdings.

The above examples of turbines are, in my opinion, beautiful as well as functional, and they are there for the right reason.

And then there are the two nasty looking 15-metre high wind turbines at Liverpool’s John Lennon Airport (JLA)

The company that operates JLA believes it is the first commercial airport in the UK to install and operate wind turbines as it explores ways in which to minimize the environmental impact of the airport’s operations.

Hello… They turn in the wind, and generate electricity which is used.

You don’t have to put two ugly turbines up to prove they work unless you are trying to look like a green and environmentally friendly company, with minimal expense and it’s all just for show… as is, I may add calling the airport after John Lennon.

You either do it for real or not at all… a sad effort.

So there you have it … great examples of wind turbines looking good in great setting. And one that just doesn’t cut the mustard

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